San Francisco Public Library

Performing Arts

A collection of the Art, Music & Recreation Center This collection includes biographical, historical, critical and technical works and in-depth resources such as collected sets of reviews, criticism and subject encyclopedias. In an effort to document the vibrant performing arts community of the San Francisco Bay Area, the Library collects programs, reviews, articles and ephemera related to local performances from the 1850s to the present (see the Bay Area Musicians and Performing Artists Index for specific performers). Also collected are posters announcing local performances from the 1960s to the present. (Dance, theater and music performances and instruction on CD and on video in DVD and VHS formats are included in the description of the Audiovisual Center.) Users of the collection include general readers, students, researchers and professionals. Most of the collection is weeded based on significance of title, changing use and maintaining existing collection strengths.

Dance: General works, including history, commentary, biography and instruction

Film and Filmmaking: Works about domestic and international feature, documentary and instructional films; producing and financing videos and motion pictures; directing; screenplays; film criticism; popular histories and encyclopedic works.

Music: Scores, recordings and literature of all times and places for musicians at all levels; popular titles of recordings representing a wide range of styles and genres; music literature from basic music appreciation to reference books; archival collections pertaining to San Francisco musical life; rare works and complete works sets.

Outdoor Amusements: Works on the circus, rodeo and bullfighting.

Radio and Television: General histories, specific program histories and scripts.

Theatrical Production and Performance: Dramatic works, Butoh, mime, improvisation, comedy, pantomime and performance art; repertory and regional theater; commentary and reviews; pictorial works; costume design, stage design, props, sets and makeup; theatrical training, education and careers; scrapbooks, performance programs, playbills and posters.