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雜誌期刊 - 成人

A periodical is a collection of articles written by various authors and is published more than once a year with reasonably reliable frequency, such as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. The Main Library's diverse and comprehensive collection of periodicals - current and historical magazines, newspapers and journals - reflects all the subject areas in which the library collects. Decisions about selection and retention of periodicals, while similar to decisions made for the collection at large, are unique in great part due to the open-ended nature of periodicals versus monographs; the options that may exist for acquiring electronic versions of periodicals; binding considerations; and the limits of shelf space. Therefore, before the Library enters into the long-term commitment of resources required by the acquisition of a new periodical title (compared with the acquisition of a monograph or even a multi-volume set such as an encyclopedia), a different but equally-important set of considerations must be reviewed. Most titles collected in English are accessible through the Magazines & Newspapers Center; titles in international languages are accessible through the International Center. Refer to the online catalog for specific periodicals the Library owns and where they can be found. Suggestions from the public for titles to which the Library does not currently subscribe are welcome. The Library does not accept gifts or donations of subscriptions or individual issues of periodicals. (see Gifts of Money and Materials)

Selection Criteria

In keeping with the Library's Mission Statement and the Collection Development Policy, the following criteria must be considered when evaluating periodicals in print (see criteria for considering electronic resources):

Retention Criteria

Retention of periodicals must be considered in terms of the following criteria:

Collection Maintenance and Evaluation