San Francisco Public Library

Deaf Services Center Collection

Part of the Access Services Center Collection The Deaf Services Center provides information to all who are interested in general and specialized information - including biographies - about hearing loss, deafness, Deaf culture, American Sign Language, prominent individuals and other associated topics. Materials in the collection are intended to appeal to D/deaf and hard- of - hearing adults, children, teens, their family members and friends, as well as to professionals in related fields. Children and teens use age-appropriate books and videos in DVD and VHS formats. Researchers, professionals and students use specialized conference proceedings, serials and vertical file material. Archival-level materials are actively sought from local and national agencies, organizations and individuals. Weeding rarely occurs. American Sign Language: Introduction to and practice in ASL; Deaf history, culture, education and performance as it relates to ASL. American Sign Language Interpreting: Initial process; preparation for certification and continuing education units awarded by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf. Culture: Hard-of-hearing, late-deafened, oral deaf, D/deaf, Deaf-Blind; primarily in the United States, some foreign cultures represented. Education: History of Deaf education; current U.S. educational resources for infancy through high school. Fiction: Works featuring D/deaf, oral deaf, late-deafened and hard-of-hearing characters; works by deaf authors. History: From the 1800s to the present. Language Acquisition: From birth to age 12. Reading Development: From preschool to age 12