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kaelah David and granddad Families for Literacy is a very special part of Project Read. It provides extra support for Project Read learners who care for children 5 years of age and younger.

Family Workshops

child One night a month we host a special workshop where we invite FFL families to join us as we eat tasty food, share great children's books, discuss family literacy and parenting issues, and enjoy the resources of the Project Read office. We provide books, puzzles, games, custom made activity sheets, and special computer software to be used at these events.

Individual Services

woman and children Every Project Read learner works one-to-one with a tutor to improve his/her literacy skills and achieve important life goals. Project Read staff are available to meet directly with learners as well as tutoring pairs to discuss their FFL goals and provide books, materials, guidance, and support.

Project Read FFL Goals