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Industry Overviews -- U.S.

Industry Overviews -- International

Industry Ratios

Ratios for Small Businesses

Industry Statistics

Online Sources

Internet Resources


Industry Associations

Trade or industry associations are an excellent, and often the only, source of industry information.

Internet Resources

Industry Surveys

To find industry surveys in the online catalog, try a keyword search on the industry name and the word "statistics".

Following is a list of selected industry surveys from the U.S. Industry & Trade Collection. The trade directories in this section often contain market data as well as product information.


Trade Periodicals -- Directories

Most trade publications include a yearly state of the industry report.

Trade Periodicals -- Online Resources

Magazine articles are often the best source of current market information. You can search for relevant articles on our online databases. Look for an Industry Overview on a particular industry or for subject subdivisions such as economic aspects, forecasts, market share, statistics. Investment analysts' reports on an individual company will also provide valuable industry information.

Currently the best resources for market research are:


Trade Periodicals -- Special Issues

A selection of issues located in the U.S. Industry & Trade Collection.