San Francisco Public Library

Suggest a Title FAQs

How to Request/Suggest that the Library Purchase a Book, Video, or Other Item
First, check the library catalog to make sure the library does not have the desired item. If not, or if copies are missing, select Suggest a Title near the bottom of the screen. Give as much information as you can when you fill out the form.
Why We Ask for Your Name and San Francisco Public Library Card on the Suggest a Title Form
We often get suggestions from authors or publishers, and while we are interested in items we may have overlooked, we are most interested in what members of our own community would like to have added to our collections.
Item Purchase Notification
We value community members’ suggestions and purchase many of the suggested items. If you would like to be notified by email if and when SFPL adds the item to its collection, please set up a Preferred Search in your library record. Otherwise, you can check the library catalog periodically. Once an item is listed in the catalog, you can place a reserve, and you will be notified when the item is available for you to pick up.
Time Frame for New Items
This varies a great deal, depending on publisher or distributor availability and many other factors. Unfortunately we are unable to give you a time frame. If the book is more than a year old, you may use our interlibrary loan service to order a copy. See the Interlibrary Loan Guidelines.
If You Have Written a Book/Produced a Video/Music CD, etc. Which You Would Like to See Added to the Library’s Collection

One option is to take a copy to the Main Library’s Information Desk, where it will be considered a gift to the Library and passed on to the appropriate department for review. Please include any published reviews. We are glad to consider items by local authors and artists but we cannot guarantee that they will be added to the collection. Items that are not added to the collection are passed on to the Friends of the Library and benefit the Library by being sold in the Friends’ book sales. Another option is to give us information about an item rather than the item itself. Either fill out and submit the Suggest A Title form or send descriptions/reviews/blurbs about the item to:

San Francisco Public Library
Collection Development Office
190 9th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103.

We will make sure the appropriate department receives the information. Thank you for thinking of the San Francisco Public Library.