San Francisco Public Library

Preferred Search

Preferred Search is a feature that allows you to stay informed about new materials added to the San Francisco Public Library collection. For example, you can select to be notified by email when a new book by your favorite author comes in. A preferred search can be for an author, a title, a subject or even a keyword. A total of 25 preferred searches can be stored to your account.

To Create a Preferred Search List

  1. Log in to your library record by clicking the Log In button on the left when you are on a Classic Catalog page.
  2. Enter your Library Card Number and PIN.
  3. Choose Search the Catalog.
  4. Perform your search. For example, if you wish to be notified about new books by a preferred author, select Author in either the drop-down menu or the Author link. Type the author's name in the search box and click the Search Catalog button.
  5. Click the Save as Preferred Search button.
  6. Now click the Library Record button.
  7. Select Preferred Searches.
  8. Click in the check box below the Mark for Email column.
  9. Click the Update List button. When the San Francisco Public Library receives a new title by your Preferred Search author (or new items according to what you entered as your Preferred Search), you will receive an email message.