San Francisco Public Library

How to Print from a Library Computer

Request a print job from a Library computer by selecting File from the drop down menu and then Print Preview. Then check to see the total number of pages in your print job. From the Print Preview screen, select File and Print. In the Page Range, you can choose to print All or just certain pages. When you are done, select OK. In the popup window, give your print job a Name. The Library recommends skipping the password option. Select OK. At the Main Library you have the option of printing in black and white or color. If you select color by mistake, you will have to return to a computer to change the print job to black and white.

Retrieve and pay for the prints at the nearest Print Release Station; ask Library staff which Print Station is connected to the computer you used. Prints can be retrieved for up to two hours after your computer session expires. You only pay for prints that you retrieve, although you cannot change the print job once it is at the Print Station.

Printing in black and white costs 15 cents per page. Patrons at the Main Library have the option of printing in color which costs 50 cents per page. The color prints are retrieved on the 5th Floor in the Magazines and Newspapers area. For all printing, payment must be made by SFPL copy cards or SFPL Library cards that accept cash. Machines for purchasing cards or adding cash to cards are available at every SFPL location.