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Point 0h! A Technology Make-It Space for Kids Ages 8 – 12 is a new grant-funded project at the San Francisco Public Library, in the Main Library Children’s Center. Whole classes, as well as individual kids and families, are invited to join us! We have a state-of-the-art Smartboard, iPads, computers, and creative equipment that includes a light box table, camcorders, an electronic keyboard, and more.

We invite teachers and youth-serving community organizations to schedule regular class visits to learn about this exciting new equipment, play with it, and create their own projects. Please give us two weeks notice to accommodate previously planned and scheduled visits to explore our Point 0h! equipment.

lego kits



LEGO Motorized Mechanisms – This program has been presented once, and is ready to schedule for March.  Please allow two weeks lead time, so that we might be certain all of our kits are complete.

Presenters:  Librarians Eric Auyeung and Jim Jeske

Audience:  Children ages 8-12

Number of participants:  Can work with up to 16 total, if the kids are comfortable working in pairs.

Duration:  One and a half hours – Some of your kids may be fairly advanced in LEGO construction, but one and half hours allows enough building time for those new to the kits.

This program involves kids building motorized and freewheeling (no motor) LEGO vehicles from prepared kits, using illustrated directions and paired collaboration to complete the desired machine. Two librarians would be on hand to assist, answer questions, and offer guidance where needed. 

Lego story kits

LEGO Story Starters – This program has not yet been presented, but should be ready to book for April.

Presenters:  Librarians Jim Jeske and Tim Troy

Audience:  Children ages 6-12

Number of participants:  Can work with up to 16 total, if the kids are comfortable working in pairs.  It is also possible more can be accommodated, with the kids working in groups of four.

Duration:  One and a half hours