Request for Proposals

San Francisco Public Library

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Systems

Proposed Table of Contents




I.                    Project Description

II.                 Project Goals

III.               Specifications

1.      Tags

a.       data elements encoded

b.      collision rate

c.       placement on item

d.      AV/media

e.       interchangeability of system

f.        research on durability & reliability

g.       specify read/write elements

2.      Security

a.       how secured

b.      where data stored, no storage of data at gates

c.       how security will accomplished with 2 systems

3.      Conversion/replicating stations

4.      Circulation stations

a.       any proprietary hardware or software

b.      how works with 2 systems

c.       read range

d.      number of items able to be checked out at one time

e.       ability to circulate if system down

f.        ergonomic benefits

5.      Self-charge stations

a.       read range

b.      ability to work with 2 systems

c.       number of items able to be checked out at one time

d.      multilingual interfaces

e.       ergonomic benefits

6.      Inventory control

7.      Peripheral equipments

a.       book drops

b.      patron self-check in stations

c.       compatibility with sorting systems

d.      third party vendor products and compatibility

8.      Network/Automated Library System Requirements



9.      Technical support and maintenance

a.       samples of documentation

b.      what elements are covered

c.       24/7 support

d.      average time to resolve problems

e.       examples of custom programming

f.        warranties

10.  Client references

a.       identify all libraries using system

b.      identify all that libraries that are also Innovative customers

c.       identify non-library clients

11.  Other

a.       training required

b.      training provided

c.       any standard used in manufacturing system

d.      vendor participation in establishing standards

e.       list of library automation vendors system compatible with

f.        list any products under development

12.  Company information

a.       annual report including statement of revenue

b.      number of employees for RFID operations

c.       sample contract

IV.              Cost Proposal

1.      Itemized all items for a complete system

2.      Five year estimate for total cost and any discounts

3.      Phased implementation

V.                 Submission Requirements

1.      Date due

2.      Number of copies

3.      City & County of San Francisco purchasing & vendor requirements

VI.              Selection Criteria

VII.            Project Timeline



Number of branches, number of items by type, annual circulation