Tricycle Music Fest West 2011

Tricycle Music Fest 2011 poster

Tricycle Music Fest 2012 poster

Biggest little music fest in San Francisco

Charity and the JAM Band kick off the 3rd annual festival

Frances England rocks the Civic Center Plaza

Tricycle Music Fest, Sunday Streets partnership in action

SF School of Rock

Groovy tunes with Alison Faith Levy and Rudy Trubitt of TheSippy Cups

Presidio families love The Monkeybutts

Norm Jones of the Rhythm Child drumming with new friends at the new Ortega Branch

Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band tour of the American Sabór exhibit

5000+ families attend the finale at Mission Library in partnership with Sunday Streets

Thumbs up for Tricycle Music Fest

The Time Outs take stage and street

Jumpstart brings activities and early literacy infomation

Support, prizes, and fun from the Friends of SFPL

Green Bookmobile provides books, library cards, and magnetic letter play

SF School of Rock draws a crowd of all ages

Tricycle 2012 coming August 5!


Thanks to the 7,208 rockers who participated in the third annual Tricycle Music Fest West!  Stay tuned for photos and footage from the shows.

Tricycle History

Missed the Shows? See the Magic: 2010 Videos

Frances England performance

Tricycle in the Schools 2010

Tricycle in Schools with Charity KahnLast year, the library brought Tricycle to the schools with music and movement professional development trainings for teachers and on-site mini-concerts for the children in SFUSD’s Child Development Program, led by Charity Kahn, local artist and music educator. A participating teacher from the first workshop commented "Every school should have this opportunity. Every child needs music in his life." Charity Kahn’s work with the teachers and students supports, inspires, and engages all in the name of early literacy.

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