Big San Francisco Play Date 2020

Big san francisco play date

Hold your very own Big SF Play Date at home!

Need high-quality play ideas for your kids at home? From a dress-up box to fort building, art station to bean building, find out how to use everyday household objects to create fun and engaging activities. For children ages 0-5 and their caregivers.

Look around your home for inspiration. Cereal and pasta boxes can turn into blocks: just empty and tape off the ends. Find items that nest like measuring cups. A variety of dry beans in the pantry are great for sorting, letter and counting practice. Colorful tools for writing—pens, pencils, crayons—encourage art and writing. Even the recycling bin can yield creative supplies. Ever paint an egg carton in a pattern? Use the egg wells to hold beans? Improvise a 12-well egg carton to play mancala?

Part of inspiring play in the young is being able to see everyday things through curious eyes, like those of children.

Find more activities with our helpful "Play at Home" brochure.

We can’t wait to see you again at our libraries. Stay tuned for future announcements of Big SF Play Dates.