Arcadio: a novel
Goyen, William

Arcadio has fled his/her life as a sideshow attraction to go in search of his mother who abandoned her/him to a life in a brothel as a child.

F Goyen Wi 1983
Best transgender erotica
edited by Blank, Hanne and Kaldera, Raven

Twenty-some stories by writers of all genders, with something for everyone.

SHORTSTY S880: 2904
Bone factory
Sidor, Steven

Well-written, but gruesome mystery about the death of a transvestite prostitute.

M Sidor St
Breakfast on Pluto
McCabe, Patrick

Man Booker Prize finalist about a transvestite prostitute fathered by a Catholic priest and raised in foster care.

F McCabe P
Bye-bye, black sheep
Waldman, Ayelet

Another in the "mommy track" mystery series. African American transsexual, Heavenly wants to know who killed her street-walker sister, Violetta.

Choir boy
Anders, Charlie

Twelve-year-old Choir boy Berry’s voice is beginning to crack, so he takes drastic measures.

F Anders C
Commitment hour
Gardner, James Alan

In the community of Tober Cove, children change gender every year, but at twenty must choose one gender or another, or be banned from the community.

SF Gardner
Wilson, Christopher

Born a white-skinned black boy in the south, Lee goes through more than one unexpected change in life in this harrowing, yet funny novel.

F Wilson C
The Danish girl: a novel
Ebershoff, David

Novel based on the true story of Danish artist Einar Wegener who, with the support of his wife, became a woman, Lili Elbe.

F Ebershof
Dark water’s embrace
Leigh, Stephen

Can lesbian hermaphrodite Anais solve the problem of her people’s falling birthrate and near extinction although she has been exiled?

SF Leigh St ; TEEN SF Leig
The doctor: a novel
Duncker, Patricia

Based on the life of Dr. James Miranda Barry, a girl (or possibly a hermaphrodite), raised as a boy, who grew up to serve as a British Army physician.

F Duncker
Drag king dreams
Feinberg, Leslie

Max works as a bouncer at a gay bar, and has sunk into a state of apathetic gloom following 9/11. It takes the murder of a friend to stir him to action.

Swados, Elizabeth

Orthodox Jew, Chana Landeau accepts a teaching position at Manhattan’s Harvey Milk High School, and discovers that the girl she befriends is really a boy.

F Swados E
Flying cups & saucers: gender explorations in science fiction & fantasy
edited by Notkin, Debbie and the Secret Feminist Cabal


SHORTSTY S880: 2495
A girl could stand up: a novel
Marshall, Leslie

When six-year-old Elray’s parents are killed in an accident her, two uncles, Barkley and "Auntie Ajax" become her guardians.

F Marshall
The hermaphrodite
Howe, Julia Ward

Written in the 1840s, but not published until now, this is the story of Laurence, a hermaphrodite raised as a boy, and fitting in nowhere.

F Howe Jul
How loathsome
Crane, Tristan and Naifeh, Ted

Graphic novel exploration of San Francisco’s gender-queer culture.

GN Crane Tr
Ilario: the lion’s eye, a story of the first history
Gentle, Mary

Set in an alternate medieval world, the intersexed slave, Ilario flees existence as a King’s toy when his/her mother tries to kill her/him. Hoping to pursue an education in painting, Ilario becomes dangerously pregnant following a brief encounter, is again enslaved, and travels one step ahead of his/her assassins. Book two, Ilario: The Stone Golem continues the story.

The last report on the miracles at Little No Horse
Erdrich, Louise

Father Damien Modeste has kept a surprising secret for many long years.

F Erdrich
Left hand of darkness
Le Guin, Ursula

A man encounters an alien culture where people are neuter except when mating, when they may become either male or female. Also available in Russian and Spanish.

SF LeGuin U
Like son: a novel
Lemus, Felicia Luna

Frank, formerly Felicia, goes home to tend her dying father and face some family issues of the past and present.

Weldon, Fay

Neighbors Trisha and Peter’s souls switch bodies on the stairs one day, posing major problems, especially for Peter’s wife.

F WeLdon F
Bujold, Lois McMaster

Part of the Miles Vorkosigan intergalactic saga, this book includes a sympathetic male-to-female transsexual character.

Michael Tolliver lives
Maupin, Armistead

Mrs. Madrigal and the other tenants of Barbary Lane are back for further adventures in the City.

Eugenides, Jeffrey

This remarkable family saga spans continents and generations as it tells the story of the intersexed Cal who describes being born twice—once as a baby girl, and again as a teenaged boy.

F Eugenide
Mirror dance
Bujold, Lois McMaster

Miles finds himself attracted to a hermaphrodite in this rip-roaring installment of Bujold’s Vorkosigan series.

SF BujoLd L
Myra Breckinridge
Vidal, Gore

The classic novel about transsexual Myra Breckinridge’s quest for fame and fortune.

F Vidal Go
Naphtalene: a novel of Baghdad
Mamdūh, Āliyah

Huda, a tomboy, faces with dread the advent of puberty when she must suddenly conform to Islamic expectations of womanhood.

F Mamdouh
Henderson, William Haywood

Berdache Gilbert, serves as a catalyst for Blue Parker’s coming out.

F Henderso
Orlando: a biography
Woolf, Virginia

Woolf’s novel-length love letter to Vita Sackville-West features the gender changing Orlando as Vita.

F Woolf Vi
Sacred country
Tremain, Rose

The death of King George VI marks six-year-old Mary’s sudden and clear realization that she is really a boy in this novel that follows her through her childhood and ultimate transition.

F Tremain
LeRoy, J.T.

In this gritty and explicit novel, by discredited author, LeRoy, twelve-year-old Sarah, son of a truck stop hooker, turns tricks himself, dressed as a girl.

F LeRoy J
Scott free
Packer, Vin

Transgender detective Scotti is on hand to solve a mystery in the Hamptons.

A secret woman
Pollack, Rachel

Detective Simon Goldtree struggles with the truth as he tries to solve a mystery.

M Pollack
Stone butch blues
Feinberg, Leslie

Novel about a working class lesbian who lives as a man in the 1950s and ‘60s.

F Feinberg
String of pearls: stories about cross-dressing
edited by Ayres, Tony


SHORTSTY S880: 2322
Goranson, Alicia E.

A group of trans and gender queer friends struggle to get through their everyday lives.

Tipping the velvet
Waters, Sarah

Nancy Astley’s passion for the cross-dressing performer Kitty Butler turns her life upside down.

F Waters S
Bouraoui, Nina

Nina, who is the daughter of an Arab Algerian father and a French mother, struggles not only with her cultural identity and expectations of her as a girl, but with her gender identity.

Trans-sister radio
Bohjalian, Christopher A

College professor Dana Stevens decides to transition from male to female shortly after starting a new relationship with a local schoolteacher, eliciting strong reactions from her and the community they live in.

F Bohjalia 2001
Transgender erotica: trans figures
edited by Christian, M.


Trumpet: a novel
Kay, Jackie

Jazz great Joss Moody has kept a secret from all but his wife, Millie.

F Kay Jack
Tsing Lee: mother of all she-boys: a novel
Turner, Paige

Sex, murder, politics, religion, and a lovely woman who happens to have been born a boy.

F Turner P
What night brings
Trujillo, Carla

What Marci Cruz prays to God, the Virgin Mary, and Baby Jesus to bring her each night is a change of gender—because she likes girls and the only way to marry one is to be a boy.

F Trujillo