*How to Write a Dynamic Online Dating Profile

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Back again for a special Valentine Library event, please join us for a hands-on writing workshop and create a powerful dating profile that captures your true personality!  Learn how to compose a compelling handle (or username), a clever headline, and a unique portrayal of who you are and what you want in a partner.  Practice writing confidently and invitingly.  Bring whatever you need for writing and be ready to become an online Love Magnet!  Carol Renee is an enthusiastic logophile--an English teacher by day and a writer by night.  Renee facilitates an online poetry board, blogged on a personals site, and has dreamed of being a novelist.  She is a single mom who has found her lifelong sweetheart after years of discerning and not-so-discerning dating!  Her handle was “Fearlessly Compassionate!”

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