Modern Day Slavery

Join the Fight against Human Trafficking and Forced Labor
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“The acquisition of people by improper means such as force, fraud, or deception, with the aim of exploiting them.” Abbreviated definition from the United Nations.

The practice of slavery is alive in the contemporary era. Human trafficking is the modern term used to describe this egregious human rights crime, occurring around the world and within San Francisco. Find out about the reality of human trafficking and forced labor, and what you can do about it. Presented by The San Francisco Collaborative against Human Trafficking.

In addition to the exhibit, the Library will host these related programs:

Panel Discussion: Anatomy of a Case: Federal Interventions in Cases of Human Trafficking, Feb. 2, 6 p.m., Koret Auditorium, Main Library

Author Reading: Conor Grennan, Little Princes: One Man’s Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal, Feb. 15, 6 p.m., Latino/Hispanic Meeting Room, Lower Level, Main Library

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