*The Objects of Our Affection

Wonderful Characters from the Schmulowitz Collection of Wit & Humor
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On April Fool’s Day wonderful and eccentric characters leap out of the pages and into the Skylight Gallery for our amusement and illumination. Poggio Bracciolini (14th century papal chancellor and bawdy jokester), Kay Thompson and her signature character Eloise, New Yorker cartoonist Maira Kalman, folklore scholar Gershon Legman, sibling authors David and Amy Sedaris, sleight of hand artist Ricky Jay, comedian Phyllis Diller, humorous illustrator Edward Gorey, author and library advocate Nicholson Baker, entertainer P.T. Barnum, and others are on display, vividly reminding us that life is filled with not just a box of chocolates, but colorful, humorous, and wildly inventive characters.

The annual wit & humor exhibition opens Apri 1 and continues through May 31.