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Her name is GREEN, she is alone in a world that doesn’t belong to her. She is a female orangutan, victim of deforestation and resource exploitation. This film is an emotional journey with GREEN’s final days. With no narration, it is a visual ride presenting the devastating impacts of logging and land clearing for palm oil plantations, the choking haze created by rainforest fires and the tragic end of rainforest biodiversity. We watch the effects of consumerism and are faced with our personal accountability in the loss of the world’s rainforest treasures.

Produced, Directed, Filmed and Edited by: Patrick Rouxel
48 minutes; No narration

Golden Panda Award - Wildscreen 2010

Grand Teton Award - Jackson Hole International Wildlife Film Festival 2009

Best of Festival: Grand Teton Award

Best Conservation Film - Durango Film Festival 2009 -- USA

Best short documentary, Best audience buzz-International Wildlife Film Festival 2009 - USA

Sapphire award, second place of Festival

Best Sound design, Best Editing, Best Conservation and Environmental Issue

This is a Green Stacks event.

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