Celebrating Mexico

The Grito de Dolores and the Mexican Revolution
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From exhibitions held at Stanford’s Green and UC Berkeley's Bancroft libraries last year, “Celebrating Mexico” depicts Mexico’s 1810 independence from Spain, the 1910 Mexican Revolution, and the impact of these events on Mexican popular culture.

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  • The Mexican Revolution in Postcards

    Alejandro Murguia, professor of Latino studies at San Francisco State University, will discuss the Mexican Revolution of 1910 from the perspective of postcards depicting the conflict, and mailed all over the world.
    Thursday, September 8. Latino/Hispanic Meeting Room B.

  • Women in Mexican Independence

    Discussion of the role of women in the struggle for Mexican independence. Talk in Spanish with Sarah Poot Herrera, lecturer at UC Santa Barbara.
    Saturday, July 16. Latino/Hispanic Meeting Room B.