Tricycle Music Fest West: Kick Off with Frances England and Charity and the JAMband

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The Tricycle Music Fest West kicks off for a third year of family rock concerts with Frances England, queen of kindie rock, and  local favorite, Charity and the JAMband, at an outdoor event outside the Main Library on Sunday, August 14. This show is planned with Sunday Streets Civic Center/Tenderloin, so don’t forget to boogie down to the library with your bike, skates, and scooters! 

Event runs 11:00am-2:00pm with activities including Tree Frog Treks animals, tour the new Green Bookmobile, and more!  Charity and the JAMband take the stage at 11:30am, Frances England at 1:00pm, and SF Rock Project at 2:00pm.

Find the full list of Tricycle Music Fest concerts this summer and fall at

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