Fool's Republic

An evening with author Gordon Dale accompanied by upright bassist Eric Marshall
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Citizens’ stories of state abuse, from secret wiretapping to unjust imprisonment and worse, make headlines daily. In the hands of novelist Gordon W. Dale, they drive a masterful political thriller. As Fool’s Republic opens, Simon Wyley floats in a tiny all-white cell. A short-order cook with a genius-level IQ, Wyley has had a steady job for 20 years, paid his taxes, kept to himself. A dedicated husband and father, he’s a model citizen. So why is he being held?

“The power of Fool's Republic is not simply the story, but also the breathtaking prose used to tell that story. A must-read for those looking for a page-turning and intelligent thriller.”
The New York Journal of Books

Fool's Republic (North Atlantic Books, 2011) was a finalist in the Fiction: Thriller/Adventure category of The USA "Best Books 2011" Awards".

Details can be found at USA Best Books.In addition to this honor, Fool's Republic has been shortlisted for the British Crimewriters Association Debut Dagger Award (under it's working title: Rome Was Never Like This) and received Honorable Mention in the 2011 San Francisco Book Festival. 

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