*LEGOs + Star Wars = Infinite Fun!

Event detail

DK’s  Books & Bricks LEGO® Star Wars™ Summer Tour is landing in your library with precious space cargo -- three DK LEGO® Star Wars™ Readers (Levels 2 & 3) and the forthcoming LEGO Star Wars™ The Yoda Chronicles. In addition to an out-of-this-world storytime, books will be raffled, fun swag items will be given, and free activity sheets will be plentiful.

 Future space pilots, architects, engineers, and artists hang out afterwards and build your own LEGO space creation. LEGOs supplied by the library; imagination supplied by you!

LEGOS + Star Wars = Infinite Fun!

注: 這個活動不在圖書館內進行,如有問題請同主持這個活動的分館聯繫。 North Beach 分館.