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Art of Tenderloin Children's Playground, 2010 - 2013
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From August 1st to October 27th, local artist Andrei Glase of the Children's Multicultural Museum will exhibit the fruit of Tenderloin children's artistic imaginations in a special exhibit at the Main Library Fisher Children's Center. 

Recently partnered with SF Parks and Recreation and  the Betty Ann Ong Chinese Rec. Center, the CMM  provides arts and cultural activities for children and parents at the drop-in Guided Art Studio at Tenderloin Children's Playground.  Weaving, painting, printmaking, paper sculpture, and mural-making are among the techniques utilized by participants in the Guided Studio projects.  Come and see how multicultural themes, recycled materials, and children's imaginations can combine to create colorful works of art!

There will be a free opening celebration for the CMM/Tenderloin Children's Playground exhibit on Saturday, August 17, from 2pm - 5pm, at the Main Library Fisher Children's Center.  All ages are welcome.

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