2013 Architecture and the City Film Series

If You Build It
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Architecture and the City Festival

Celebrating San Francisco’s unique built environment and design community, Architecture and the City is the first festival of its kind in the Bay Area. The month-long celebration features behind the scenes tours, films, exhibitions, lectures and more, providing opportunities for participants to engage with the local architecture community and experience design in a myriad of ways throughout the city. Curated by Eric Heiman

2013 Festival Theme: Unbuilt San Francisco

San Francisco's architectural heritage consists of the buildings and spaces we see and touch, but also the structures that were never built and the plans that never came to be. The 2013 festival theme, Unbuilt San Francisco, will explore a parallel history of this ever-provocative city.

If You Build It

The documentary If You Build It spends a year in the life of one of America’s most innovative classrooms. Designer/activists Emily Pilloton and Matt Miller of Project H Design, together with their high school students, unleash the power of humanitarian design to help their struggling community in rural North Carolina.

(2013) 84 mins. Directed by Patrick Creadon.


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