Can you see what I saw? Will I see what you saw?
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Interdisciplinary artist Maia Scott's project is hosted by the Library for the Blind and Print Disabled at SFPL.  In a delightful twist, the collection of mixed media works actually puts focus on seeing.  Visually impaired since birth, Maia grew up knowing she sees differently.  Over the years, she learned that, in fact, everyone sees differently regardless of visual acuity.  Rather, interests, culture, fears, loves and so many other lenses affect what we notice as we journey through life. 

Maia invites you to experience her creative vision and maybe come away seeing things through fresh eyes.  Through participatory opportunities related to her art, Maia looks forward to learning from your insight and building your wisdom into a collection of interdisciplinary performance pieces.

Opening Reception: SEE/SAW/START
Playshops: Scribe, Smudge Swirl
Closing Ceremony: SEE/SAW/SHOW

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Welcome to SFMOMA!
星期四, 2018年6月21日, 12:30 pm
Welcome to SFMOMA!
星期五, 2018年6月22日, 12:30 pm
Creative Card Making & Letter Writing
星期六, 2018年6月23日, 10:30 am
North Beach 分館, North Beach分館



SF SAFE Presentation: Bike Safety
星期四, 2018年6月21日, 6:00 pm
Western Addition 分館, Western Addition 分館會議室
Seismic Safety Workshop: Part 3
星期五, 2018年6月22日, 1:00 pm
North Beach 分館, North Beach分館
Tai Chi at Noon
星期一, 2018年6月25日, 12:00 pm
Eureka Valley 分館 , Eureka Valley Patio



Degenderettes Antifa Art
至 星期四, 2018年7月19日
Main 總圖書館, 同性戀中心
Christopher Felver
至 星期日, 2018年6月24日
Main 總圖書館, Jewett 畫廊
Potrero: 1980s
至 星期四, 2018年8月23日
Main 總圖書館, Steve Silver 音樂中心