200th Anniversary Of Petr P. Ershov

Author Of The Little Humpbacked Horse
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Petr Pavlovich Ershov (Russian: Пётр Павлович Ершов; March 6, 1815 – August 30, 1869) was a Russian poet and author of the famous fairy-tale poem The Little Humpbacked Horse (Konek-Gorbunok).  It was an instant success that later became a classic and a symbol of the Russian folklore.  For almost two centuries the tale has inspired the best translators and illustrators, and has been published in different countries and in various languages. 

The exhibition showcases the impressive collection of The Little Humpbacked Horse editions that were published over the years in different countries, as well as the remarkable variety of graphic designs and illustrations that adorn this timeless classic.  It also incorporates the animated film based on the book.  
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