Internal Reflections

A Look at Internalized Racism in the lives of Black People
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Over the last 21 years, Thomas Robert Simpson, AfroSolo's founder/artistic director has daringly utilized the arts to explore difficult issues, such health disparities, out-migration facing the Black community, systematic racism and internalized racism.  Curated by Melonie Green, AfroSolo Arts Festival 2015 present "Internal Reflections: A Look at Internalized Racism in the lives of Black People"

"Internal Reflections" is a multi-media visual arts exhibit that provides an opportunity to peel away layers and take a peek into the shadows of our racially berated psyche. Shame, anger, pain and confrontation about race and perception are just a few of the spaces we (black people) deal with on a regular basis. In an effort to expand the type of art that is created and to dig deeper into the conversation, artists were asked to create a solo piece and a collaborative piece while documenting the creative process and exploring their own feelings about the impacts of racism in the United States of America. 

An all-star team of artists have been engaged to actualize the project.
They include:

LYRIC Youth Program

Karen Seneferu 

Ain Bailey

Pr3ss Play Poets (Audacious IAM, Uni Q Mical, Shampale Williams and Chanel Timmons)

Malik Seneferu

Melorra Green

Mel Simmons 

Wanda Whitaker

3.9 Art Collective

#KissMyBlackArts Collective

Special Thank yous: Jessica Allen, David Spain, William Rhodes, LYRIC Youth Program, Red Poppy Art House and James Martin of New Conservatory Theatre.

For more information visit, email or call 415/771-2376

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