Meeting Places / Luoghi d’incontro

Lyall Harris & Patricia Silva Artists' Talk
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Lyall Harris & Patricia Silva / Meeting Places / Luoghi d'incontro - Opening reception and artists' talk.

5:00 PM on the 4th floor in the Art, Music and Recreation Center - Meet the artists for an informal guided tour through the exhibit.

6:00 PM in the Lower Level meeting room - Join the artists for a reception and artists' talk. Harris and Silva will present works and discuss their collaborative process. Rooted in time and material constraints, their process takes them into new creative territory as they pursue challenging themes. Their different points of view and skill sets overlap and combine, resulting in unified work that neither of them could have made alone.


Exhibit 6/10/2017-9/14/2017 -

Adult Workshop 6/18/2017 -

Teen Workshop (ages 13-18) 6/13/2017 -

Artists' Panel Discussion 9/9/2017 -

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