The Most Dada Thing

Neo-Dada in San Francisco
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The San Francisco History Center's SF Punk Archive and Book Arts & Special Collections are pleased to present The Most Dada Thing, an exhibition of artifacts left behind by the Bay Area Dadaists and the creators of Inter Dada 84.

In the age of Data we celebrate Dada. To paraphrase photo-montagist Eva Lake in her lecture at the Goethe Institute in 1984, "Dada is basically [a] revolutionary stance and state of mind. It was Dada more than any other ism, which brought the artist out as communicator of ideas. [Dada embraced] the artist as a heckler, a noise maker, an instigator.”

This spirit of purposeful mayhem was celebrated at Inter Dada 84, an internationally attended congress, organized by Ginny Lloyd and Terrence McMahon. The festivities took place over seven days in September of 1984 in multiple San Francisco locations, showcasing performances, videos, films, mail art, photography, lectures and carousing. Our display features Ginny Lloyd's collection of related ephemera and mail art, along with a sampling of Dada-influenced journals and zines from our Little Maga/Zine Collection, and a video of interviews and performances from Survival Research Laboratories.

The Most Dada Thing is presented in conjunction with Dada World Fair, City Lights Bookstore's centennial celebration of Dada.

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