Liber Mundi International Zine Project

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Join us for a hands-on gallery talk with Liber Mundi International Zine Project  exhibition curator, Katherine Pulido.

Liber Mundi International Zine Project features the zines and artist’s books of thirteen artists from around the world, including the United States, Slovenia, Finland, Poland, Serbia, and Mexico.

Each artist made an edition of thirteen books or zines which they shared with one another so that each had a copy of the other’s work. After collecting their set they all agreed to find a way to exhibit the work in their respective geographic location. Throughout the year, this set of thirteen artist’s books and zines will be on display in five different countries.

This exhibit was organized by San Francisco artist Katherine Pulido.

Here’s how the artists describe the project:

“The book as a tool of liberation. The book as a space defined by ink, paper, and brain matter.

It is an object both for consumption and generation – both commercial and personal at the same time. It is the receptacle within which we leave our most virtuous goals, within which we leave our legacy for future readers, within which we leave instructions in how to follow our steps or abandon them completely.

It is an age-old struggle for people to find their voices in authentic and accessible ways. Many have discovered that books and zines are the perfect vehicle for such a thing. More than that, we can put our hands on some-thing not just cell phones and laptops but paper, print, and thread. These objects are imbued with great importance by many and many more of us have the ability to make them in order to disseminate our thoughts and opinions.

The book as comfort food. The book as sex.

When the mind wanders, opened up by the experience of a book, startling epiphanies can on occasion be found. A wandering mind allows for the opportunity to see the world as we would have it.  When we can finally see ourselves – our faces, our bodies, our desires – even if in parts of a book, then can we finally begin to see ourselves in the world around us.

The book as identity. The book as mirror.

People want to see themselves in something and in books, artist books, and zines – they can.”

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