Celebration of The Complete Works of Pat Parker

Featuring Linda Tillery, Blackberri, Cheryl Dunye, Avotcja Jiltonilro, Indira Allegro, Elizabeth Lorde-Rollins and others
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Join friends, family, and readers of Pat Parker’s work to celebrate the book launch of The Complete Works of Pat Parker, just published by Sinister Wisdom. Additional guests include poet Arisa White, Lea Arellano, Malaika H. Kambon, Kiebpoli Calnek, Adreana Clay, Michelle Jacques, Lenn Keller, Jewelle Gomez and Gina Breedlove. Co-sponsored by Sinister Wisdom & A Midsummer Night's Dream Press, and the James C. Hormel LGBTQIA Center and African-American Centers of San Francisco Public Library.
Pat Parker was a blueswoman lesbian poet rocknroller performance artist. A "revolutionary feminist" who understood revolution is "not neat or pretty or quick". She was a woman intimite with the ravages of breast cancer. And she was a daughter, sister, lover, mother. She was young when she died. But she defied any simple renderings of those labels. She was in her time and now, with this important text, she will be in all time to come.

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