The Heart of the City Farmers' Market

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This exhibit celebrates the Heart of the City Farmers' Market (HCFM) – “a uniquely independent, farmer-operated, nonprofit farmers market” in photographic narrative. Since 1981, with its mission “to bring high-quality and affordable produce from small local farms to San Francisco's low-income city center, as well as to support and sustain California's small family farms,” the market plays an integral role in the health and wellness of the community. The market operates year round on Sundays and Wednesdays and is centrally located in the San Francisco's United Nations Plaza.

Recognizing the need for ongoing education on how to prepare healthy dishes and how to utilize the fruit of our local farmers’ labor, SFPL partners with HCFM to provide cooking demonstrations at the market every third Wednesday with Biblio Bistro.

The beautiful photographs by Marianna Nobre and Chelsey Stewart capture the spirit and richness of this amazing food source.

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This is a Food, Health & Wellness program from SFPL. Try out new foods or a new healthy activity.

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