The Irlen Method for Learning Difficulties

Self Healing Series at West Portal
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Trouble reading? Computer, phone, screens, night driving, headlights too bright and uncomfortable?
The Irlen Method might help!
Irlen Diagnostician Sheryl Pliskin, MA, LMFT, will show us how changing lighting and background color of screens may help improve the processing of visual information and reduce physical stress such as headaches and fatigue.
People with ADHD, dyslexia, autism and other learning difficulties, as well as subtle reading or concentration problems, headaches, fatigue, light sensitivity, and more may be especially affected by color and bright lighting. For some, the Irlen Method may be a simple solution.  Color alters brain activity in ways that extend well beyond color perception to influence brain regions supporting perception, comprehension, emotion, and physical symptoms such as headaches, fatigue and anxiety. Join us and get a simple diagnostic test, a mini Irlen screening.

This is a Food & Health program from SFPL. Try out new foods or a new healthy activity.

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