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AIDS gutted a generation. But not everyone died. Left behind were men who had the remarkable luck – and, at times, brutal misfortune – to struggle on. 

They weren’t supposed to live past 40. Now they’re 50, 60, 70 years old, physically and psychologically and spiritually wounded. AIDS now is, by numbers alone, an older man’s disease in San Francisco. Of the 16,000 people with AIDS or HIV, more than half are age 50 or older. 

San Francisco is home to 6,000 gay men who have been living with AIDS or HIV, the virus that causes it, for at least 20 years. Some of them have managed to thrive, but for others, survival came at a great cost. 

In Last Men Standing, the San Francisco Chronicle's first feature film, eight men are searching for meaning in a life they never expected to have. The film, by Erin Brethauer and Tim Hussin, was created over the course of 10 months and was released in conjunction with a special 20-page newspaper section featuring a story by Erin Allday and an accompanying online package of stories, videos and interactive graphics.

This is a Wise Up! program for learning and living well at any age.

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