*Author: Emily Wu (巫一毛)

One Chinese Family in Chaos during the Cultural Revolution
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Come and hear Emily Wu talk about the incredible stories of her and her father during the Cultural Revolution written in their autobiographies respectively:

1.  A Single Tear: A family's persecution, love, and endurance in Communist China  (一滴淚 : 從肅反到文革的回憶) by Ningkun Wu 巫寧坤, father.

Ningkun Wu was born in China. In 1951, while studying for his Ph.D. at the University of Chicago, he accepted a friend’s invitation to go back to teach for his motherland. There, he was unexpectedly labeled an "ultrarightist" and was imprisoned and tortured. Fortunately, he survived. This sad and true autobiography recalling his 30 years in China is a New York Times Notable Book and has been translated into 5 languages.

2.  Feather in the Storm: A childhood lost in chaos  (暴風雨中一羽毛 : 動亂中失去的童年) by Emily Wu 巫一毛, daughter.

A heartbreaking and inspiring memoir of a young girl helplessly caught up in the chaos of the Cultural Revolution in China. The book, winner of the Chinese American Librarians Association’s Best Book Award (2006), has been translated into 10 languages.

12/7 Emily Wu's talk is in English and Chinese,  followed by a Q & A and book signing.

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