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August’s “All-American” Eclipse of the Sun
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On Monday, Aug. 21, there will be an eclipse of the sun visible throughout North America.  People in a narrow path from Oregon to South Carolina will see a spectacular total eclipse, with the moon briefly covering the sun, and day turning into night.  Everyone else, including those in the Bay Area, will see a partial eclipse, where the moon covers a good part of the sun. 

Join Andrew Fraknoi, chair of the astronomy department at Foothill College, on Aug. 6 as describes how eclipses work, why they are one of nature’s most spectacular sights, what scientists learn during eclipses, exactly when and where the eclipse of 2017 will be visible, and how to observe the eclipse and the sun safely. 

This is a non-technical, family-oriented program. Everyone attending will receive a free pair of certified safe eclipse-viewing glasses. Also, Fraknoi is the co-author of the new children’s book, When the Sun Goes Dark. Copies will be for sale and signing after the talk.

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