Don Giovanni--A Live Video Talk

Opera for the People with Larry Oppenheim
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Don Giovanni will be simulcast FREE at Opera at the Ballpark in AT&T Park on June 30, 2017. This preview will show  you what you need to know to fully enjoy the show.

Don Giovanni is opera’s ultimate anti-hero. He’s seductive and cruel, dashing and depraved, funny and exasperating—and courageous to the end. Enjoy video excerpts featuring the great Cesare Siepi, THE Don Giovanni of the 20th century.

The goal of Opera for the People series is to make opera more enjoyable and accessible to the average person – including those who may never have gone to an opera. In less than an hour, you enjoy a guided tour of an opera, which combines Larry’s commentary with extensive video excerpts.

Larry Oppenheim, former President of the Kensington Symphony Orchestra, is currently co-principal oboe and solo English horn for KSO.

This is a Performance program from SFPL. We host events featuring music, art, dance and more.

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