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Less Stressed in an Overwhelming World
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Do you struggle to feel more joy and happiness with feelings of anxiety and stress? Imagine a life without drowning in worries.
Studies show that stress is a factor in 75-80% of all illnesses! Chronic stress can lead to poor health and reduced quality of life, which then creates more stress.
The modern world is filled with distractions and chaos. It’s hard to feel the flow and ease in what we do.
In this monthly weekly workshop series at the Glen Park Library, participants will learn ways to deal with various issues that lead to stress. How to find “flow” and balance in life, productivity, how to easily manage stress in the moment, and maintain health and calmness, are among some topics to be discussed.
You CAN learn to become more calm, engaged, clear minded and even more energized and healthy!
Through interactive activities inspired by Health & Wellness coaching, and simple, yet powerful techniques for instant stress reduction; learn how to be more in control of overwhelming situations and find more resilience and joyfulness each day.
Facilitated by Vanessa Wray- BS Public Health and Holistic Health, Resilience & Wellness Coach
Vanessa Wray helps those with chronic high stress lifestyles through her Resilience & Emotional Regulation Coaching, and group workshops.

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*Funded by Friends of the San Francisco Public Library.

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