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Writing For Real means writing for publication. But “writing for publication” means something very different today than it did only a dozen years ago. Then, it meant getting your words in print via books, magazines and newspapers, and to a lesser extent, online. Three of those four meant going through an editor. Today, that editor is likely to be teaching third graders or selling vitamins online. Publication now includes ebooks and apps, blogs and videos… none of which require editorial consent. In one or more of these formats — Gutenbergian and digital, alike — Writing For Real helps get your words and images read and seen by others, not just by you and your cat.

Typically, the course covers print and online publication, adding videos to articles, dealing with rejection, finding outlets, travel journalism, and Tough Choices — a daily quiz based on real-world dilemmas writers face.

Writing For Real is led by Jules Older, Ph.D., who has published in all the formats above, plus a few more. He has taught the course at the University of Vermont (in person and on closed-circuit TV), the Wanaka (New Zealand) Autumn Art School, and the public libraries of San Francisco. Jules’ writing has won major awards in Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand and the USA. His course won the University of Vermont award for excellence in teaching.

*Funded by Friends of the San Francisco Public Library.

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