Mission Digital Photography Group

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Come join Mission Branch Library’s Digital Photography Group!

This group is open to all levels and will teach and learn through open discussions on all aspects of photography, which will range from the technical skills needed to take photos to how they can tell stories, reveal histories, and communicate important themes and topics.  The group meetings will include time for sharing photographs with the group and participate in organized photographic outings.   

At each meeting the Mission Digital Photography Group will discuss and create their own themes but for our first meeting the theme is: Mission Memories. For example, think about what are your first or favorite memories of the Mission.  Take and share photographs of the people, buildings, places or any subject that sparks those memories.

Note:  This group will only meet four times - All future meetings and photo outings will be announced after each meeting.


Water Painting with NEXT Village
星期五, 2017年12月1日, 1:00 pm
North Beach 分館, North Beach分館
Five Fabulous Women Artists of the 1800's
星期六, 2017年12月2日, 2:00 pm
Presidio 分館, Presidio 分館會議室
Hidden Meanings in Chinese Art
星期三, 2017年12月6日, 6:30 pm
North Beach 分館, North Beach分館



Mission Digital Photography Group
星期三, 2017年12月13日, 6:30 pm
Mission 分館, Mission 公眾範圍


Asian Brush Painting Sumi-e
至 星期六, 2018年2月3日
West Portal 分館, West Portal 公眾範圍
至 星期五, 2017年12月29日
Main 總圖書館, 非洲裔展覽中心
Calligraphies in Conversation
至 星期日, 2017年12月31日
Main 總圖書館, Skylight 畫廊