Blue Strait: A Film by Jon Jost

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Director Jon Jost, a giant of independent filmmaking, selects and personally introduces one of his recent films: Blue Strait, a tone poem about issues in a romantic relationship - a kind of visual music which envelopes the incident. Active since 1963, Jost gained wide recognition in the 1990s with a series of acclaimed feature films that included Sure Fire, All the Vermeers in New York, Frameup, and The Bed You Sleep In. Jost’s films typically explore the struggles of a family or several individuals in crisis and often depict the United States as a nation of unsustainable systems, swayed by its religious and patriotic beliefs, and determined by its landscapes. The seriousness of Jost’s themes is matched by the astonishing variety and creativity of his formal and technical processes, including his use of experimental visual techniques, trained and untrained actors, improvisation, and hybrid narrative forms. Jost’s impressive oeuvre has garnered numerous awards and today numbers over thirty feature-length films. Please join us for this special screening with the director Jon Jost in person.

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