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Night and All-Weather Biking Workshop
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Night and All-Weather Biking

Presented by the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.

In a city that (almost) never sleeps, where mist and precipitation might roll in at any moment, it’s important to feel confident riding in any condition. This class, designed for intermediate riders who feel comfortable navigating urban streets, will teach you how to be prepared for whatever comes our way. How do you keep yourself safe? What equipment do you need? Are there any cheaper ways to deal with these conditions? How do you keep your bike running optimally? These questions and more are addressed in this fun, fast-paced classroom-based course.

A full list of classes offered by the SF Bicycle Coalition can be found here.

For more information, contact the SF Bicycle Coalition at education@sfbike.org, or call 415-431-2453 x322.


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