Meditation Group

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Take a break and practice wakefulness and tranquility here in the Library. The 30-minute period begins with the sound of Tibetan bells and meditation instruction. Then words of encouragement are interspersed with periods of silence. There is time for questions (optional) after the meditation session. This is a secular approach to an old tradition. Appropriate for people of all faiths including atheists. All are welcome.


Mission Community Market with Seniors
星期四, 2018年7月19日, 4:00 pm
Mission 分館, Mission Quad
Lava Mae Free Mobile Showers
星期二, 2018年7月24日, 8:30 am
Main 總圖書館, Fulton 街台階處
Practical Self-Hypnosis
星期二, 2018年7月24日, 6:30 pm
Park 分館, Park 分館會議室



Chi Kung with Chunfu Cai
星期六, 2018年7月21日, 10:15 am
Marina 分館, Marina 分館兒童活動室
Tai Chi at Noon
星期一, 2018年7月23日, 12:00 pm
Eureka Valley 分館 , Eureka Valley Patio
Learn Tai Chi
星期一, 2018年7月23日, 4:00 pm
Anza 分館 , Anza分館會議室