The Literary Emperor

The Best Proclamations of Emperor Norton That You've Never Heard Of
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A handful of Emperor Norton's newspaper proclamations and decrees are often referenced, most labeling him as a lovable kook. But the reality is that Norton was an elegant, forward-thinking writer who called for equal rights for African-Americans, the Chinese and Native Americans, among other issues of the day.

Come hear John Lumea, President of the Emperor's Bridge campaign, discuss the full range of the Emperor's concerns, focusing on the "literary Emperor Norton."

This event is part of Emperor Norton at 200, a series of exhibits, talks, toasts and other special events organized by The Emperor's Bridge Campaign, in partnership with Bay Area institutions, to mark the bicentennial of Emperor Norton's birth. To learn about other events in the series, please visit

Emperor Norton, Larger Than Life exhibit 01/28/18 - 03/20/18

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