If Superpowers Could Save My Community

Comic book covers by incarcerated youth
Event detail

The African American Center presents, If Superpowers Could Save My Community. Part of the Black Comix Arts Festival, these comic book covers were drawn by incarcerated youth in SF Juvenile Hall.

In 2015, Duane Deterville and Aerosoul Arts founder Refa 1 worked as teaching artists in a San Francisco juvenile corrections facility. One of the projects was a series of comic book covers where incarcerated youth imagined superheroes that looked like them, and were endowed with the abilities to eradicate the social toxins in their respective communities. 

The comic cover titled Ghetto Stories was the only one conceived of with a character that didn’t have super-powers. The idea behind that cover was that its main character is a deep thinker who contemplates the plight of his community.

Aerosoul Arts teaches youth how to envision their environment as a place where they have autonomy to express themselves, and choose their own destinies in culturally safe spaces. 

In each instance the characters reveal not just the fertile imaginations of the youth, but also what their main concerns are for what troubles their communities.


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