*First Ladies and Women's Rights

Part I - Daughters of the Enlightenment
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In the first installment of this series, Patricia Southard and Elizabeth Thacker-Estrada present an overview of U.S. First Ladies from Martha Washington (tenure 1789-1797) to Sarah Polk (tenure 1845-1849) and their relationship to women's rights.  This discussion will include celebrated aristocratic and revolutionary founding mothers Abigail Adams (tenure 1797-1801) and Dolley Madison (tenure 1809-1817) as well as lesser known and proxy first ladies of the “Common Man” era of Jacksonian Democracy.  The talk will conclude with a glimpse of First Ladies since the mid-nineteenth century who held differing opinions on women’s rights as well as the role of women, which reflected the views of the women of their eras. 


East Side Sushi
星期六, 2018年10月20日, 3:00 pm
Main 總圖書館, Koret 禮堂