Basics of Digital Photo Organizing

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Today we take more photos every second than all of humanity has — a billion photos will be taken this year alone. Because of this, photo management chaos has ensued. Photos accumulate on our phone, the cloud, on a hard drive or even worse...on an old computer. On top of that, our old film photos are still in shoeboxes hiding the memories that shaped who we are today. Our story and our traditions are in danger of being lost because there is no time-managed, photo-organizing system or person to keep up with it all.

The presentation will introduce participants to solutions for organizing, protecting and enjoying their photos.

As a professional photo organizer, Jean Gerding helps clients organize, back up and share their print and digital memories. She also conducts workshops to share techniques and resources to help people share their photo life stories. In her career as an international trainer and
facilitator, Jean enjoyed documenting her experience with photos and sharing her memories through slide shows and videos with colleagues and family members. She is now happy to bring others the joy of preserving and sharing their photo memories. Jean is a charter member of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers (APPO).

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