Introduction to Feldenkrais Method®

Feldenkrais Method®, Hypnosis, and Neurolinguistics Programming
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Are you an active individual committed to a healthy lifestyle? Are pains, aches or muscular tensions limiting you in any way?

  • Looking for more efficiency and comfort in movements?
  • Would you benefit from improving your posture, balance, coordination and easing your muscle tensions and aches?
  • Do pains and aches feel worse at emotional/stressful times?
  • Do language patterns add to distress or comfort?
  • Looking for the ways to be more in control of how you feel?

Learn to live your life fully! 

Feldenkrais Method® (traditionally) helps to discover more resourceful patterns through movements and sensations; Hypnotism and Neurolinguistic programming mostly access inner resourcefulness through speech patterns.

Join us Wednesday 2p - 3p.  For more information contact us at 415-355-5717 or visit us at the Anza Branch.
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