Working the Roots by Michele Lee

In conversation on traditional African healing
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African American traditional medicine is an American classic that emerged out of the necessity of its people to survive. Starting with the healing knowledge brought with the African captives on the slave ships and later merging with Native American, European and other healing traditions it has become a full-fledged body of medicinal practices that has lasted in various forms down to the present day.

Author Michele E. Lee began documenting this tradition in the mid-1990s when she lived down a dirt road in the rural south. She worked with traditional healers and rootworkers for 6 years and now 22 years later her journey and the information the elders shared with her is presented in Working the Roots: Over 400 Years of Traditional African American Healing.

Join Michele as she talks about her journey writing the book and shares some of the remedies and practices that were commonly used to prevent illness and stay healthy. 

These cultural events are free and open to the public.

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