Introduction to Feldenkrais Method®

Feldenkrais Method®, Hypnosis, and Neurolinguistics Programming
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Are you an active individual committed to a healthy lifestyle? Are pains, aches or muscular tensions limiting you in any way?

Looking for more efficiency and comfort in movements?Would you benefit from improving your posture, balance, coordination and easing your muscle tensions and aches?Do pains and aches feel worse at emotional/stressful times?Do language patterns add to distress or comfort?Looking for the ways to be more in control of how you feel?Learn to live your life fully!  

Feldenkrais Method® (traditionally) helps to discover more resourceful patterns through movements and sensations; Hypnotism and Neurolinguistic programming mostly access inner resourcefulness through speech patterns.Join us Wednesday 2p - 3p.  For more information contact us at 415-355-5717 or visit us at the Anza Branch.

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