The Power Of Continuous Delivery In DevOps

Author's Talk with Juni Mukherjee
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Juni imageJuni Mukherjee owns a consulting firm called Continuity that helps organizations through their digital transformation journey.  She is the author of "Continuous Delivery Pipeline - Where Does It Choke?" and "The Power Of Continuous Delivery In DevOps."  As a regular speaker at DevOps conferences, Juni has led software engineering projects to improve time to market by helping to design and build modular, scalable platforms that improve velocity and productivity of engineering teams. She designs metrics and dashboards to objectively measure behavior, to drive the organization's vision, and to help teams focus on solving software delivery problems, starting with the highest return on investment.  In this presentation, Juni will talk about her books as well as her crafty works. Autographed copies of the above-mentioned titles will be sold after the event.

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